Workplace Wellness: Collective Priority

Build a strong resilient workforce by integrating wellness at work.

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW By working with the specific needs of your group or organization, we can develop a tailored program that best suits your goals, needs, and potential outcomes. We will help create a workplace that is happier, healthier and more creative. By providing a toolkit that is proven to foster a greater sense of resilience, we ensure the emotional intelligence you gain can be incorporated into your organization for sustained change and continued success. All skills acquired are transferable from the corporate environment to home life. GOALS Investing in employees' psychological health and providing a team with a set of skills to build resilience will ultimately provide direct positive impacts. An employee that hold a sense of vitality and empowerment tend to have greater levels of productivity and success for both the individual and the organization, greater ability in managing stress, are better able to unleash their inspiration and creativity, positive impacts on retention and recruitment rates positive client and customer ratings prevent the impacts of depression, anxiety and burnout SPECIFICATIONS Through the use of instructional videos, dialogue, role play, group discussions and interactions, our dynamic and engaging workshops are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to increase their awareness of mental health, and its potential incidence and impact in the workplace and provide evidence based skills & strategies to thrive in an era of Covid-19 and daily stressors. TARGET INDUSTRY & AUDIENCE Any industries including manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, engineering & sciences, technology, not-for-profit, financial (banking and insurance), construction, and all corporate organizations. Workshops are designed and encouraged that employees at all levels attend to enhance connection and communication. INCLUDED IN GROUP TRAINING Skills Handouts & Worksheets Certificate of Completion Access to private group to continue to get support from others that have completed the workshop A follow up lunch & learn four weeks post completion of workshop FEES & REGISTRATION As we encourage our organizations & corporate clients to attend as a team of employees at all levels, we offer the following discounts on our full day In-person workshop rates: Number of seats 12-24 Discount 15% per person Number of seats 25-49 Discount 25% per person Number of seats 50+ Discount 30% per person Book your complimentary 1 hour consultation

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