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Tune Up-Your Emotional Wellbeing

12 Week Individual Skills Course

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW How many of us have seen the low-tire pressure light illuminated on our car dashboard and thought, “I wonder how long I can ignore this warning light?” Sure, we can all operate on a low tire for a while. But doing so over time can damage the frame, which in turn, impacts the entire vehicle. It’s the same for mental wellness. An adequately inflated “wellness tire” is integral to a safe and healthy life. Ignoring the warning light of stress could impact our overall well-being, just like ignoring the low-tire light. This training is designed specifically for individuals recognizing the need to give themselves a mental health tune-up. The workshops will give you mindfulness skills to handle day-to-day challenges and lessen intense emotional reactions. Mindfulness consciously focuses on the present moment without judgment and attachment to the moment. A mindful person is aware of the present moment. Mindfulness is the opposite of being on “autopilot or being lost inhabit. Mindfulness depends on the quality of awareness a person brings to everyday living. It’s a way of living awake, with eyes wide open. In addition, this workshop will provide skills in effective communication, walking the middle path, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. GOALS Self-validation Reduce Suffering Increase happiness Increase control of the mind Gain the ability to respond rather than react SPECIFICATIONS The course runs for 12 weeks in-person Meeting once a week for 60 minutes. Through instructional videos, dialogue, role play, group discussions and interactions, our dynamic and engaging workshops will give you the tools to go from surviving the days to thriving. TARGET AUDIENCE All individuals 18+ years of age Those who feel they are fine but maybe not okay Those that want to enhance their skill sets INCLUDED IN WORKSHOP Skills Handouts & Worksheets Certificate of Completion FEES AND REGISTRATION Upon completion of the consultation, the facilitator will create a custom version of the course to meet the individual’s needs and goals and then complete registration upon the agreed-upon start date.

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