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Tools For Thought

A DBT Skills Approach for Improving Family Functioning.

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW Group sessions intend to cover educational materials to increase the use of adaptive coping strategies when faced with various challenges. Adolescent and family skills groups work best when caregivers and youth learn skills together so that caregivers can help children use their talents. Family members/caregivers willing to attend skills training alongside the youth to develop the following skills. GOALS • Increase the families' capabilities by teaching specific skills for self-regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and balanced thinking and acting. • Structuring the environment to validate, motivate, reinforce, and individualize appropriate use of the skills. • Improving teens' motivation to increase the use of new skills, reduce the use of prior dysfunctional behaviours, and identify the factors (e.g., thoughts, feelings, behaviours, contextual variables) that maintain problematic behavioural patterns and inhibit more skillful ways of responding. SPECIFICATIONS The course runs for 16 weeks consecutively. 90-minutes to 2 hours each week. Homework will be assigned as an opportunity to apply the new skills you learn. (Schedule is flexible, understanding extracurricular activities can make set times to be challenging to manage) TARGET AUDIENCE Families seeking to develop and enhance their coping skills, effective communication, and mitigate the risks of developing unhealthy ways of coping, such as -Impulsive/disruptive behaviours -Frequent mood swings -Self-injurious and suicidal behaviours -Depression and anxiety -Family and peer conflict -Anger outbursts -Eating disordered behaviours -Drug or alcohol abuse -Poor coping skills INCLUDED IN GROUP TRAINING Handouts & Worksheets are provided weekly Coping Kit Materials Certificate of completion FEES & REGISTRATION The facilitator will complete registration once determined the course will be suitable for all UPCOMING SESSIONS Booking for January 2023 start date (2 spots available)

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