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The Butterfly Effect

All it takes to transform a life is one moment of connection

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW Resilience is defined as the “self-righting [capacity], both to be bent without breaking and the capacity, once bent, to spring back.” This workshop applies the concepts of transformative resilience to set out a path of change and growth by developing the capacity to adapt to an environment that is the new reality of your life. Whether the transition is due to divorce, separation, an empty nest, or the passing of a loved one, this course will set out a path for you to transform in response to your changing conditions, by developing the skills to view change in a different light, look at your situations from a new perspective and emerge with unique strengths and the chance to be extraordinary. The workshops will develop effective communication, emotional regulation, and wise mind skills to handle day-to-day challenges and consciously focuses on the present moment without judgment. GOALS Self-validation Reduce Suffering Increase happiness Increase control of the mind Gain the ability to respond to difficult challenges, rather than react. SPECIFICATIONS The course is completed in a 6-week in-person training meeting once a week for 60 minutes. Our dynamic and engaging workshops will give you the tools to go from surviving the days to thriving through instructional videos, dialogue, role play, group discussions, and interactions. TARGET AUDIENCE All individuals 18+ years of age Those who feel they are fine but maybe not okay Those that want to enhance their skill sets INCLUDED IN WORKSHOP Skills Handouts & Worksheets Certificate of Completion Access to a private group to continue getting support from others who have completed the workshop. REGISTRATION Upon completion of the consultation, the facilitator will create a custom version of the course to meet the individual’s needs and goals and then complete registration. FEES $799 Book a complimentary session to customize the course to your current situation.

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