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Mental & emotional wellbeing can be developed, nurtured and supported.

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW Project Resilience builds protective factors in children, youth, and adults through knowledge, self-awareness, and skill building. They are developing the capacity to achieve the best possible health outcomes across their lifespan by identifying when they are emotionally activated, developing the skills to cope with intense emotional reactions without negatively impacting situations, and regulating their emotional responses. Participants will learn various strategies utilizing the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) framework of acceptance & change that demonstrates that mental and emotional well-being can be developed, nurtured and supported through promotion and prevention efforts. GOALS • Self-validation • Reduce Suffering • Increase happiness • Increase control of the mind & emotions SPECIFICATIONS • 1/2 or full-day workshop • Handouts Included • Targeted for all ages • Introduction to skills Through instructional videos, dialogue, role play, and group discussions, our dynamic and engaging workshop will give participants the tools to become resilient individuals. Project Resilience promotes mental, emotional, and social well-being using the following programming: 1. What Makes Resilience 2. Reflection & Self-Awareness in Crisis 3. Normalizing Stress Responses 4. Mindfulness: Taking Hold of Your Mind. 5. Crisis Survival Skills 6. Emotion Regulation FEES & REGISTRATION Rising in Hope Inc is committed to the wellness of individuals, their families, and our communities through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education. We offer the following discounts on our full day In-person workshop rates for sports and recreation groups & teams: Number of seats 12-24 Discount 15% per person Number of seats 25-49 Discount 25% per person Number of seats 50+ Discount 30% per person Book your complimentary 1-hour consultation

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