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Professionals in Practice

A DBT Skills Approach to Practice Two day workshop.

  • 700 Canadian dollars

Workshop Description

WORKSHOP LEVEL: Beginner (0-2 years of experience in this specific practice area). BY THE END OF THIS WORKSHOP, YOU WILL: • Have the ability to engage in the decision-making processes required to determine the most effective treatment plans for patients with multiple problems and high-risk clients. • Collaborate with your peers and get feedback on how to approach the unique challenges of implementing DBT Skills with difficult-to-treat clients • Demonstrate strategies for increasing client motivation. • Conceptualize the rationale for the use of specific DBT skills. • Employ strategies for motivating patients to engage in skills • Identify DBT skills for clients to use for specific problems in specific contexts. • Motivate clients to use DBT skills by linking skills use to the goals of clients. • Identify therapy interfering and therapy destroying behaviors in clinical practice • Teach Emotion Regulation skills to clients. • Identify situations where Emotion Regulation skills can be helpful. • Identify skills for changing emotional responses. • Describe specific DBT skills that are particularly helpful for anger. • Identify skills for reducing emotional vulnerability. TARGET AUDIENCE: Those working in the human service field and health industries; Occupational Therapists, Hospice and Palliative Care Workers, Police Services, Corrections Workers, Social Workers, Nurses, , School Counsellors, Youth Workers, Mental Health Workers, Addiction Counsellors, and all professionals looking to enhance their therapeutic skills. PLEASE NOTE: Each participant is responsible to ensure they apply the information within the context of their licensure, provincial/territorial legislations, institution regulations, insurer, scope of practice, etc. INCLUDED IN REGISTRATION: • Four-day workshop; • Electronic copy of handouts & worksheets for clients • Coping Kit Materials; and • Electronic Certificate of Attendance. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Eight (15) The workshops are limited to max of 15 participants to maintain the intimacy of the group, allowing the space for clinician’s collaboration to get the most effective training and application of skills in practice. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: If you would like to inquire on accessibility options available to you, please contact or 403-400-5799.