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Develop the skills to manage life's challenges, with your friends.

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW Whether you're just feeling burnt out, on autopilot, or you have been pouring from an empty cup. This workshop will fill your cup to continue to handle the challenges that the day-to-day brings. Mindfulness consciously focuses on the present moment without judgment and attachment to the moment. A mindful person is aware of the present moment rather than being on "autopilot." It's a way of living awake, with eyes wide open and depends on the quality of awareness a person brings to everyday living. In addition, this workshop will provide skills in effective communication, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. GOALS Self-validation Reduce suffering Increase happiness Increase control of the mind SPECIFICATIONS This is a 6-hour in-person training meeting in the evenings from 6 pm-9 pm on two consecutive days. Through instructional videos, dialogue, role play, group discussions and interactions, our dynamic and engaging workshops will give you the tools to go from surviving the days to thriving. TARGET AUDIENCE Those that feel they are fine but maybe not quite okay Those that want to enhance their coping mechanisms INCLUDED IN WORKSHOP Skills Handouts & Worksheets Certificate of Completion A follow-up 3-hour session four weeks post-completion of the workshop FEES AND REGISTRATION Each workshop will have a maximum of 15 participants The workshop is available on demand for your next girl's or guy's night out, a minimum of 10 participants with group discount rates available.

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