Dialectical Dilemmas

Walking the Middle Path-Striving for Balance in Parenting

  • 1 hour

Workshop Description

OVERVIEW Parenting teens can present us adults with challenging dichotomies like being too strict versus too lenient or holding on too tight versus forcing independence. By showing our teens that we too have this struggle, we are able to normalize the challenges and model healthy ways to problem solve. Dialectical thinking refers to the ability to hold two truths that seem like opposites and accept there is more than one way to see a situation or solve a problem. We can make room for compromise, become more approachable to our teens, and avoid getting stuck in the “I am right and you are wrong” power struggle. GOALS We look at adolescent–family conflict and the ways that families get polarized, don’t see eye to eye, and find themselves escalating or shutting down. We then teach ways of de-escalating and resolving conflict through walking the middle path between acceptance and change. Dialectics: Balancing acceptance and change by “walking the middle path.” Validation: Working on acceptance. Behavior change: Working on change. SPECIFICATIONS The pair meets once per week for 60 minutes. It takes 10 weeks to get through the full skills curriculum. At times, homework will be assigned as an opportunity for you to apply the new skills you learn. TARGET AUDIENCE Parents that are feeling they need help not only with dialectics and validation but also with the behavior change skills of reinforcement, shaping, extinction/ignoring, and consequences. Many parents feel that their parenting is erratic, reactive, and extreme toward their emotionally dysregulated teens, and the parents often struggle with emotional dysregulation themselves while trying to implement parenting skills. Adolescents–families experiencing issues that arise repeatedly with this population, including polarized, non-dialectical thinking and behavioral patterns experienced by families with emotionally dysregulated adolescents; a greater need for a focus on validation; and the explicit application of learning principles to self and others. INCLUDED IN GROUP TRAINING Handouts & Worksheets provided weekly Coping Kit Materials FEES & REGISTRATION Upon completion of consultation, the facilitator will complete registration if the course is appropriate for all family members. C$1795 for the first parent/guardian and first adolescent family member (12-18) C$595 for additional parent

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