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A Space to Find Healing, Growth and Renewal

At Rising in Hope, we dedicated ourselves to providing a warm, supportive environment where you can feel safe sharing your thoughts and feelings and support you in navigating through life challenges, overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or other concerns, we're committed to working with you to develop personalized treatment plans that meet your unique needs. We look forward to connecting with you and providing the tools you need to strive.

We will support you through a variety of services we offer:

Individualized Services

Individual services are one-on-one sessions where we can collaborate with you and offer support through counselling, psychoeducation, and coaching.

Family and Group Services

Family and group services assist members in understanding and supporting each other to facilitate change and cultivate an environment for growth. It also improves the members' communication and empathic skills, helping them connect with themselves, each other and others around them.

Community and Corporate Services

Community and Corporate Services provides psychoeducation and expand members' mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to foster a greater sense of resilience and higher emotional intelligence to create happier, healthier and more creative communities and workplaces.

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