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Our Vision

Rising in Hope was created as an individualized mental health service to equip our communities with knowledge, skills, and resources to face formidable challenges that may arise. It is a space for all those that strive to regulate their emotional responses, utilize mindfulness to enjoy the moment and build resiliency.

“Each of us has a dharma, a purpose in life. When we are in dharma, we enjoy and love our work.”- Deepak Chopra

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Our Mission

"To be committed to the wellness of individuals, their families, and our communities, through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education"

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Human beings are not broken

  2. Coping mechanisms are learned behaviours

  3. Human beings are doing the best they can with what they know

  4. Mental illness and/or disorders are not the choice of the human who lives with them

  5. Individuals who have been taught limited skills are merely surviving life’s relentless hardships

We will support you through a variety of services we offer


Increasing adolescent & family capabilities by teaching specific ways of de-escalating and resolving conflict through walking the middle path between acceptance and change. Dialectics: Balancing acceptance and change by “walking the middle path.” Validation: Working on acceptance.

Behaviour change: Working on change and improving overall family functioning. 


Whether it be a direct result of the impacts of Covid-19, or you’re just feeling burnt out, on autopilot, or feel you have been pouring from an empty cup, our workshops will provide you with the skills to handle the challenges of your day to day while balancing your mental wellness.


Develop the knowledge to identify utilizing DBT skills for clients/patients to use for specific problems in a particular context, and employ strategies for motivating clients/patients to engage in these skills, reducing emotional vulnerability and intense emotional reactions by linking skills used to the goals of clients/patients.


We will help create a happier, healthier and more creative workplace. By providing a toolkit proven to foster a greater sense of resilience, we ensure the emotional intelligence you gain can be incorporated into your organization for sustained change and continued success. All skills acquired are transferable from the corporate environment to home life.


For all questions and inquiries please submit the form 

Eboni O'Hagan (she/her/hers), BSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker 

Calgary | AB | Canada


Mobile: (403) 700-1431

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